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SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Happy Dussehra" to all the BSNL employeess

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On the occasion of BSNL 18th formation day. I wouldlike to convey best wishes to all.

BSNL as a Govt public sector it has shouldered all the responsibilities of serving the public by giving communication service at very low price , quality service and making services available even at remotest part of the nation. Entry of our BSNL mobile services made every Indian public to afford the service at very low price. Present bsnl providing service to 105 million wireless and 13 million wireline customers across India.

As a social responsiblity, being Govt PSU BSNL is serving all the rural areas even at the loss for the company.

The dream of digital India plan of our honorable PM connecting all Gram Panchayat with Optical fibre cable was brought in to reality by BSNL through NOFN project. Even during all natural calamities bsnl is the only communication company stood like rock and gave its best services under crisis where all private operators shutdown their services.

BSNL is doing its best to the Public and to the Nation. But in return it is not getting proper support from the Govt, not getting chance of level play in the present market, not allowing BSNL to grow aggressively.

BSNL successfully completing 18 years, if at all BSNL servived for these 18 years means it is just only and only because of

1.Customer faith in BSNL service.
2.Effort and dedication of all employees.

So I request all the members let us encash the faith and belief that the public kept with BSNL and let us try our best to retain their faith with BSNL by delivering best services.
Now not only BSNL all telecom companies facing lots of financial crunch it is just because of price war in telecom market by entry of jio. This price war can't be avoided in the competition era. Now we need to diversify our business where we get good revenue. As you all know in mobile inspite of our good marketing effort in sim Mela our revenue is not shooting up but definitely our data usage increased. It shows our effort not resulting in revenue growth. Now in the present era of freebies it is very difficult to expect much revenue growth in the mobile services. Now we are dominant in Broad band , FTTH and Enterprise business. We need to be more aggressive in the coming days. We need to upgrade all our backhaul connectivity to give high speed data services.
We need to strengthen transmission systems which is the backbone for every service.
We are having challenges of 4G spectrum, financial crisis, material shortage and day by day we are loosing our trained brians by retirement , to face in coming days . We can overcome these challenges only with the support of all staff and with motivation of management.
On this day I appeal to all that let us focus more on the revenue generation and quality of service to the customer.
Let us try to give our best to the BSNL and make all efforts in taking BSNL U turn towards profit.
Let us dedicate to make this year as FTTH year and put our best effort in giving more and more FTTH connections.
Once again I wish all with best wishes on BSNL day.

regards Ramesh


Details of the discussion with BSNL management on 20.09.2018 on the charter of demands of the agitation programs from 24.09.2018 onwards:

BSNL management invited SNEA for discussions on various issues raised in the charter of demands. GS, CHQ President, AGS and Jt Sec(C) attended the meeting. DIR(HR), GM(SR), GM(Pers) and DGM(Estt) was present from management side. The discussions continued for more than one and half hours on various issues.

At the outset DIR(HR) informed that BSNL management is taking very serious efforts to implement CPSU Cadre Hierarchy which is already approved by the BSNL Board, to settle E2 & E3 pay scales and other issues and discussion is going on at different level to resolve the issues, the proposed agitation programs from 24.09.2018 is to be avoided. All the genuine demands are getting attention and management is sincerely trying to resolve them. Thereafter discussion started on the various demands:

1. Notify and implement BSNL Executive promotion Policy Amendment & Recruitment Rules, 2017 (CPSU Cadre Hierarchy) w.e.f. 01.07.2018 which is approved by the BSNL Board and solve the huge stagnation in different cadres. Bring Parity and Uniformity in promotions among equivalent cadres of different wings. All the existing vacancies in different cadres like SDE(T), CAO etc shall be filled notionally w.e.f. 29.06.2018 as per the earlier rules.

DIR(HR) informed that management is very seriously working on it. BSNL Board already approved it and management spent more than 2 years to finalise the policy, which is going to benefit all the executives. While approving the new promotion policy, BSNL Board directed to ensure that Govt policies on reservation is followed in the new policy also. This matter is under examination.

Meanwhile the matter come up before the Parliamentary Standing Committee for the welfare of SCs and STs also, along with several other issues. The Committee called the management on 19.09.2018. Initially CMD and DIR(HR) sought exemption from personal appearance due to the Board meeting scheduled for 19.09.18 but later on decided to attend the meeting. The Full BSNL Board meeting scheduled for 19.09.2018 was cancelled for this purpose which reflects the seriousness shown by CMD and DIR(HR) on this issue.

The Committee formed will complete the formalities and submit its final report by next week and thereafter it will be submitted to the competent authority. Management is trying its level best to implement it at the earliest by taking everyone into confidence, DIR(HR) assured.

Comrades, now the issue is moving in the right direction and results are expected without much delay. We are working with the management for the early notification and its implementation.

On promotions, DIR(HR) informed that whatever promotions and upgradations done, it lead to litigations and contempt of court. Court cases increased only. CMD is not at all in favour of any more upgradation. JTO to SDE promotions also will be considered once contempt is withdrawn. On AO to CAO promotion, it was informed that the stay is vacated, the DPC is on and promotion orders can be issued as soon as the legal opinion is received from the Sr lawyer from whom the opinion sought. On our specific request to consider JTO to SDE promotion under SCF, where the seniority can be decided later on, finally DIR(HR) agreed to have further discussion with GM(P) on this matter. However mgt expressed its doubt how promotion can be effected without publishing AIEL? As per HC order, only provisional promotion (same as Adhoc/Offtg/LA promotion which does not give seniority or counting of service) can be given in the ratio 1:1, before publishing AIEL. The contempt case at Ernakulam filed by AIGETOA activists is the major hurdle for JTO to SDE promotion where more than 5,500 vacancies are available.

2. Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for all the post 2007 recruited JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and hi equivalent cadres.

DIR(HR) explained the efforts taken by the mgt by deputing BS
2. Approval of E2 and E3 pay scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007 replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A for all the post 2007 recruited JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres.

DIR(HR) explained the efforts taken by the mgt by deputing BSNL Officers to DPE for explaining the matter to DPE officials. Mgt is committed to E2 and E3 scales and all possible measures will be taken to settle it. CMD will write a DO letter to Secretary in this regard to expedite the approval of E2 and E3.

Assn also informed DIR(HR) and others the continuous efforts taken by it. Assn met the Hon Union Minister for Heavy Industries, Shri Anat Geete and requested his intervention to modify the DPE reply. As per the intervention of the Hon Minister, we are trying to meet the Secretary/DPE in this regard.

E2 and E3 pay scales is the most important HR issue for the BSNL Executives, like the new promotion policy, which is to be resolved at the earliest, we demanded. DIR(HR) assured that CMD and DIR(HR) will work together with the Assn for the settlement of E2 and E3 scales.

3. First Time Bound Financial Upgradation as per EPP-2007, uniformly after 4 years, instead of 4 to 6 years.

We explained the matter to DIR(HR). The JTO/JAOs recruited from 1993 to 2001 got their first TB promotion in 5 or 6 years where as the juniors are getting it after 4 years. This is the anomaly created after the implementation of 2nd PRC with 30% fitment and 78.2% IDA merger. This anomaly referred to the Khan Committee. Khan Committee recommended CPSU Hierarchy after 5 years by reducing it from 6 years as in EPP. On the same line, recommended the first TB promotion for the earlier rects also after 5 years. But this anomaly can be settled only if the first TB promotion is extended uniformly after 4 years, Assn told. The informations regarding the number of Executives affected are already collected from the Circles. After discussion, GM(Pers) informed that the details will be processed in a couple of weeks and will be submitted to the competent authority.

It is a very positive development as mgt so far reluctant to process the case on the plea that BSNL Board and DoT will not agree for the amendment of EPP with retrospective effect, from 01.10.2004.

4. E1+5 increments for the post 2010 rect JTO/JAOs and equivalent cadres.

The benefit of E1+5 increments is not extended to the thousands of JTO/JAOs rected after 2010. The new rects are getting the pay of Rs 16400 only where as earlier batches are getting minimum E1+5 increments. The pay loss of these JTO/JAOs recruited in 2010(SRD), 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 etc are huge. Thousands of LICE JTO/JAOs also affected and they are also drawing less than E1+5 increments. Even the PO issued by DoT on 28.03.2017 extended Rs 18850. Taking the benefit out of that, E1+5 increments may be extended to the remaining JTO/JAOs recruited after 2010.

Management is very sympathetic to this demand. It was informed that the proposal for E1+5 increments for the JTO/JAOs recruited upto 2014 is pending in the BSNL Board since, 2015. BSNL Board took a stand that it will be approved only after the approval of HR plan. For remaining JTO/JAOs, Board is not ready to consider E1+5 as they are recruited in E1 scale. We strongly objected this as the E1 pay scale is a provisional pay scale and even the pay scales in the RR for JAO, JTO(C/E) etc are still E1A.

We demanded that as per the PO issued by DoT, E1+5 can be extended. We have to find a way to extend it without notifying the PO issued by DoT, we demanded. Management assured to discuss it further to find some way out, keeping the demand for E2 and E3 scales intact.

5. E1A and E2A scales notionally w.e.f. 01.10.2000 for the JTOs and SDEs in Civil, Electrical, TF, Arch, PA, PS etc and equivalent cadres.

This proposal is already approved by the MC of the BSNL Board and placed before the full BSNL Board for its approval. However DoT objected it stating that E1A and E2A scales can be extended only to those working in the corresponding CDA scales before 01.10.2000. The JEs and AEs were not in that sale on 01.10.2000, so it cannot be considered. The presidential order issued at the time of absorption cannot be altered now, according to DoT. We explained the background and the need to bring parity in the pay scales as on 01.10.2000 for all the equivalent cadres. Moreover the JTOs and SDEs of these streams are working in the same pay scales for a few months which is a serious anomaly. Recently AD(OL) case also settled like that. Finally it was agreed to examine it, whether it can be implemented without altering the PO issued on 01.10.2000, to overcome the DoT objection.

6. Increase the DGM(T) posts, atleast by another 800 for maintaining a ratio 1:4 and filling up all the DGM(T) vacancies on regular basis.

Increase in DGM(T) posts is a demand we raised 1 year back. The number of DGM(T) posts was less, comparing to any other streams. 1331 DGM(T) posts are available against the 5303 AGM posts. Even the available DGM(T) posts, maximum were occupied by the ITS officers on deputation which further affected our limited promotional avenues.

The creation of another 3410 AGM posts recently through upgradation strengthened our demand for increasing the DGM(T) posts atleast by another 800. Now the total number of AGM post is 8713. Moreover, the number of AGMs after implementation of CPSU Hierarchy will be between 8500 to 9500, so naturally the DGM posts is to be increased, we argued the case with full justification.

Finally management in principle agreed to our demand for increasing the DGM(T) posts to maintain a reasonable ratio. It is to be further discussed and worked out whether it can be done through HR plan or through cadre review. It will be a major breakthrough for the cadre after the CPSU Cadre Hierarchy approval. Similarly for other streams also, same ratio will be worked out.

On DGM(T) promotions, BSNL is filed a MA in the Hon CAT to vacate the stay citing the vacation of stay in a similar case, AO to CAO promotion. It is expected to hear on next Monday. The original case is listed for 27.10.2018 only. Once stay is vacated, DPC will be held including the DRDGM vacant posts and promotion orders will be issued.

Comrades, the extensive preparations for the agitation programs by the CHQ and the Circles compelled the management to invite SNEA for negotiation. We had made extensive arrangements for the agitation programs. The response from our activists was so positive, they were solidly with CHQ supporting from all the corners. In addition to CS and CP, large number of activists planned to reach New Delhi from far off places to participate in the agitation. It shows the commitment and conviction of our comrades on the issues. It is a great break thorough, now management assured us to work together to settle the issues in a time bound manner. Congratulations to one and all.

We are extremely grateful to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR) and other senior officers for the timely intervention to resolve the issues through discussion. Further we are very happy to note that we could do it without going into agitation, through negotiations especially when we are fully involved in the field units for the revival of BSNL. Once again, congratulations to one and all.


GS writes to DIR(HR) regarding JTO to SDE promotions under SCF quota for about 5,500 vacancies for the years 2011-12 to 2017-18. Since the High Court decision on the review petition is pending, it is requested to explore the possibility of conduction of DPC covering all the JTOs of a particular year, without publishing the AIEL. As there is no stay on promotion, promotion orders can be issued to the maximum possible extent, recruitment year wise and the seniority can be decided later on, based on the final outcome of the court cases. Since the vacancies are existing prior to 30.06.2018, the promotion orders may be issued notionally w.e.f 29.06.2018, at par with the juniors promoted from other cadres on 29.06.2018. As per the available vacancies, the JTOs recruited for the years 2010 & 2013 also may be covered and hence the eligibility list particulars of the JTOs recruited in 2010 (SRD) and 2013 also may be called from Circles

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GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding promotion to AGM Grade: Large number of AGM vacancies were reserved for untraceable cases at the time of DPC and it is reported that excess promotions happened against SC/ST quota in the promotion to AGM cadre. The matter may be reviewed and the eligible SDEs in list 8 waiting for promotion may be given promotion w.e.f. 29.06.2018 as their juniors are promoted on 29.06.2018.

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CTO Secunderabad Branch General Body meeting held under the presidenship of Satyanarayana garu on 01.09.2018. Com Ramesh CS garu, Com Bixam ACS HQ garu, Com Srinivas CWC member garu, Com Subramanyam DP garu, Com Rajesh DS garu, Com Prasad ADS garu, Com Moizuddin CEC member garu attended and addressed the meeting. Com Ramesh CS clearly explained all issues and clarified all the members queries. CS and ACS HQ presented memontos to promoted members.
New body
President: Subbarao AGM,
DS: Satyanarayana SDE,
Treasurer: Anjaiah JTO.
Com Subramanyam DP proposed vote of Thanks.

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District conference of SNEA Khammam ssa was conducted on 24th August 2018 at DRDA auditorium Khammam.The meeting started with welcome address by com Achyuta rao and precided by president com Srinivas rao. The Open Session of the Meeting was attended by Respected Sri padmanabam pgmtd Khammam,sri Kumar baby DGM, com E.Jaganmohan reddy CP, com Ramesh CS, com Biksham ACShq, com Madhu CT, com Venkatapathi ACS ,other Unions and Associations representatives, com Srinivas DS and addressed the gathering. All the distinguished guests were welcomed by presenting bouquets. Com Srinivas DS presented key note address. Com. Ramesh Circle Secretary SNEA TELANGANA mentioned the achievement of TELANGANA Circle body in the resolvement of the issues of the members. He also stressed to keep vigilant on the isssues of BSNL’s viability as well as on our HR issues. TELANGANA circle congratulated the comrades of Khammam ssa for the successful holding of meeting. Com. CS, ACShq also mentioned the role and efforts of CHQ,circle on the burning issues. Shri padmanabam pgmtd in his address appreciated the spirit of the Khammam Comrades. He stressed to provide the very good quality of service to our corporate and big customers. He appreciated the dedication of the employees in the service delievery. He appealed to provide the very good quality of service to all our customers. Com Venkatapathi ACS proposed vote of thanks. after lunch all members assembled once again and DS,DT presented their reports and same are approved. members also addressed in this house. Finally CS given clarifications on all issues. meeting concluded at 20.30 pm . The following Comrades elected as office bearer's for next term. Com. Srinivas DP. Com. Prasad DS. Com. Subramanyam DP.

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CEC meeting of TELANGANA Circle on 18th August 2018 at HYDERABAD.

CEC meeting of TELANGANA Circle was conducted on 18th August 2018 at Asmanmahal auditorium Lakdikapool HYDERABAD.The CEC meeting started with flag hoisting by com E. Jaganmohan reddy circle president at 10.30 am and welcome address by com NSN Murthy DS Htd. The Open Session of the CEC Meeting was attended by com K.Sebastin GS ,com P.Padmanabha rao AGS from CHQ side . Shri V.Sundar CGMT TELANGANA Circle attended the Open Session as Guest of Honour,com A.Viswanath CIRCLE president AP, com S.L reddy ,com Ravi Kumar reddy ACS AP also attended and addressed the gathering.

All the distinguished guests were welcomed by presenting bouquets.

Com Biksham ACS hq delivered the welcome address and welcomed all the guests.

Com. Ramesh Circle Secretary SNEA TELANGANA in his key note address welcomed all dignitaries and members and presented important points in the interest of bsnl. He specially thanked to SNEA CHQ for extending every support to SNEA TELANGANA CIRCLE. He mentioned the achievement of TELANGANA Circle body in the resolvement of the issues of the members. He also stressed to keep vigilant on the isssues of BSNL’s viability as well as on our HR issues.

Com. Sebastin GS, com p.p.rao AGS, com S.L Reddy, com A.viswanath, com Ravi Kumar reddy in their address congratulated the comrades of TELANGANA Circle for the successful holding of CEC meeting and thanked the comrades for their grand participation. CS TELANGANA thanked for the efforts of GS ,AGS in resolving the issues of more than 12000 promotions of BSNL Executives in one month. GS explained the TELANGANA Circle importance for not only snea but also for the entire BSNL as a whole. the comrades of TELANGANA Circle will participate in the Association’s calls with full spirit, Strength and enthusiasm. Com. GS,AGS also mentioned the role and efforts of CHQ on the burning issues. GS assured the full support of CHQ to TELANGANA Comrades.

At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of open session.

Shri V.Sundar CGMT TELANGANA circle in his address congrats SNEA TELANGANA Circle for the successful conducting of the CEC meeting. He appreciated the spirit of the TELANGANA Circle Comrades. He stressed to provide the very good quality of service to our corporate and big customers. He appreciated the dedication of the TELANGANA employees in the service delievery.

He informed that the Circle has a sufficient need to enhance the revenue. He suggested enhancing the revenue of the BSNL by the proper staff utilization and coordination for the better future survival of the company. He appealed to provide the very good quality of service to all our customers. He stressed upon reduction the expenditure and gear up the revenue growth on top most priority. He also highlighted the need of saving money and good customer care for the growth of BSNL. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated CS snea and all TELANGANA Circle members for the success of the CEC meeting.

Com.srinivasprasad cwc member extended the vote of thanks in open session at 3 pm.

The entire meeting Hall was Jam Packed with more than 350 members.after lunch all members assembled once again and all DSs are addressed in house. Finally CS,AGS,GS given clarifications on all issues. meeting concluded at 19.45 pm and vote of Thanks extended by com Vidyasagar reddy cwc member.

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Dear Comrades,
CEC meeting of SNEA TELANGANA CIRCLE will be held at Asmanmahal Lakdikapool HYDERABAD on 18.08.201818 from 9.30 to 18.30 hours, open session at 11.15 am. Chief guests are GS, AGS,and CGM Telangana.
All the DSs,COBs,CWC,CEC members are requested to attend the meeting. Special CL letter available in intranet. accommodation arranged at SNEA flat Lakdikapool .


SNEA Telangana wishes you a "Happy Independence Day" to all the BSNL employeess

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SNEA Nalgonda district conducted General Body meeting on Monday at Hotel Stay in Nalgonda town. Com Ramesh CS ,com Biksham ACShq, com Murali ex DS Nalgonda attended the meeting. Respected Sri K.V.N.Rao GMTD Nalgonda is the Chief guest of this meeting.

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SNEA Telanagana circle conducted special General body meeting at Bsnlbavan HYDERABAD on 1.8.18. Com G.L Jogi ,com S.L reddy, com Adasul CS mh are Chief guests. Meeting Presided by com Jaganmohan reddy CP. it was huge gathering and very interactive session with chairman. Com Ramesh CS elaborated regarding all issues and explained the role of SNEA in getting promotions and its further action plan for pending issues like Standard Pay scales E2-E3, 22820 , term insurance , 3rd PRC ,CPSU CH, Lice issue, promotion in the cadre of JTO to SDE , SDE to DE, DE to DGM, all promotions in all wing's etc. Com G.L.Jogi sir addressed and given assurance to resolve all the issues. SNEA htd and city division arranged a felicitation function. SNEA Telanagana circle extends sincere Thanks to all the COBs,DSs,office bearer's, members for making this meeting grand success.

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Com Ramesh CS SNEA addressing at BSNL bavan to Media/TV channels regarding our demand and agitation program.



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ITPC OU Campus Hyd, Branch meeting held on 19-07-18 in grand manner. Comrade G.Ramesh Circle Secretary TS addressed the gathering and elaborated all the issues in detail and clarified the doubts raised by members. Com Sudha CHQ Advisor, Other Circle office bearers Com Suresh and Com Srinivas CWC members, Com Bhiksham ACS(HQ), Com Venkatapathi ACS, Com Madhu Circle Treasurer, Com Prasad ADS attended and addressed the house.

Com P.Sudhakar DE, Com D.Visweswar Rao SDE and Com A.Raghavendra SDE unanimously elected as Branch President, Branch Secretary and Treasurer.

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SNEA Telangana circle conveys congratulation and best wishes to comrade Rajendra prasad JTO Transmison Adilabad for achievement of Bharat Sanchar Seva Padhak Award.Honourable communication Minister Sri Manoj Sinha felicitated our comrade in Delhi.This young SNEA comrade is role model to all of us

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