SNEA Telangana wishes a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020 to all BSNL Employees.


The Circle Office bearers Meeting of SNEA,Telangana Circle held on 27.12.2019 in BSNL Bhavan, Hyderabad under the Presidentship of Com E.Jagan Mohan Reddy, Circle President, SNEA, Telangana Circle. Com G. Ramesh, Circle Secretary in his address explained all the issues of Telangana circle and stressed on revival of BSNL on post VRS condition. Com P.Padmanabha Rao,AGS(HQ), as a Chief Guest addressed at length on all current issues.
Com P.Padmanabha Rao ,AGS inaugurated the Table Calendar - 2020 of SNEA, Telangana Circle

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Meeting with Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 10.12.2019: 

GS, President and AGSs met Director(HR) and held discussions on the following issues:
1) Restructuring: DIR(HR) informed that the discussion is going on and management will take the decision at the earliest. The order regarding merger of Mtce Regions and Project Circles will be issued shortly.

2) Promotion in various cadres: JTO to SDE in all the wings, SDE to DE, SDE(C/E) to EE(C/E), SDE(TF) to AGM(TF), SDE/AO to Sr AO promotions are overdue. For bringing parity, promotion is to be given w.e.f 29.06.2018 or 01.07.2018. We opposed any promotion on a prospective date as it will not bring parity and will lead to never ending litigation. We told the new DIR(HR) that parity in promotion is already accepted by the management and approved by the BSNL Board. Delay in promotion will lead to litigations. For bringing parity, all the JTOs upto 2013 year has to be promoted and SDEs upto 2008 year irrespective of wings. DIR(HR) informed that management is serious on promotion and will start working on it from January onwards after he return from leave by last week of December. We expressed our serious concern on the delay and waiting for one more month when thousands of Executives due for promotion are retiring on 31.01.2020 on VRS.
When the Assn is vigorously trying for non-post based promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018 itself, retrospectively some other Assn is playing in the hands of the management and demanding promotion from a prospective date, that also for few Executives. Why they are opposing promotion from the due date of 01.07.2018 is not known when all the Executives are benefitted and their service will be counted from 01.07.2018 onwards. Demanding promotion from a prospective date will adversely affect the future promotions of all the JTOs of 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008 etc. Why they are insisting for a delayed promotion when there is a Board decision to give promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018? They very well know that posts are going to be reduced drastically in the immediate future. Promotion from 01.07.2018 will bring parity and uniformity among all the cadres and the service will be counted for future promotion. Practically they stopped the promotion by filing contempt case against the CMD in CAT/Ernakulam insisting for the personal appearance of the CMD and opposing the BSNL Review Petition in the High Court. Surprisingly all the cases are spearheaded by those already become SDEs, sidelining the JTOs. If that Assn is really sincere in JTO to SDE promotion, first they have to withdraw the contempt case at CAT and create a conducive atmosphere, otherwise it is only a website/WhatsApp membership campaign.
3) Threat of reversion for LDCE 2007 – case of 2001 rect JTOs passed the LDCE: We explained to Director(HR) the history of the case. All the senior JTOs of 2001 rect year who completed 2 years of service as on 01.07.2005 are eligible as per the rect rule provisions and the clarifications issued by the BSNLCO. All are seniors and their juniors completed 3 years of service and written the LDCE. PGM(Pers) also agreed that those who are short of less than 1 year service is eligible as per the RR. Finally it is assured that management will take a positive stand on the matter. Further we requested that management should not oppose the review petition filed in the Hon Madras High Court against the reversion in which the SDEs pleaded their eligibility as per the clause 12, note 5 of the SDE RR. Seniority in the All India Eligibility is to be considered as SDE is an all India cadre which will make all of them eligible, we demanded. This will settle the case of TN Circle also.
On 06.12.2019 we met PGM(Pers) along with Com Ashlesh from Kerala who is one of the SDE facing reversion and explained the entire issue to the PGM. PGM got convinced on the merit of the case for the 2001 batch which is covered by the clause 12, note 5 of the SDE RR.
4) For the success of any outsourcing, labour payment is to be expedited so that they will participate in the outsourcing work, we suggested. DIR(HR) also agreed to our suggestion and informed that Mgt is trying to release the payment of few months to labours and contractors in December itself.
5) Request transfers: The request transfers of the VRS optees will be issued immediately facilitating them to join the parent Circle and submit the pension papers. Available cases, orders will be issued today itself, mgt assured


Meeting with Shri S P Tripathi, Director(CM) on 10.12.2019 on post VRS scenario: 

GS, President and AGSs met Director(CM) and held detailed discussions for about two hours on the post VRS maintenance activities, staff utilization, 4G launching and the new tender for 4G.
CM vertical is working out the outsourcing model and will not be a big challenge as the infra maintenance is already outsourced in most of the places.
Another plan is under preparation for utilizing the services of the retiring employees in many ways especially on sales and marketing, CSC works etc.
4G launching is planned by 01st March, 2020.
The new 4G tender need not be on turnkey basis as BSNL is having sufficient experienced Engineers to install the BTSs etc. If at all required, MSC/BSC installations can be given to the vendors, we suggested. Further for AMC, critical equipments like BSC/MSC/IN etc which requires vendor support only has to be included. This provision has to be included in the tender, we suggested. Director(CM) appreciated our suggestions and agreed to consider them.


GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Counting of training period for Pension, Gratuity and Ex-gratia -- condonation of the delay in issuing posting order after training if it is due to administrative reasons for counting the service for pension.

GS letter to CMD (1)   GS letter to CMD (2)


GS writes to Secretary/DoT regarding DGM Promotion: Promotion from DE to DGM Grade in BSNL is held up due to the developments in the Parliamentary Committee for SC/ST meeting held on 28.11.2019.

GS letter to Secretary, DoT

GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL:

Large number of Executives, about 4,000 (about 40% higher) opted for VRS in excess of the anticipated figure creating vacuum in AGM/CAO/EE grades and DGM grades in many Circle/SSAs/Divisions. It will have adverse impact on the efforts for BSNL Revival. The outsourcing of work will take 3 to 6 months to materialise and maintaining the network will be a big challenge even after that. BSNL management should persuade the willing and meritorious Officers to withdraw their VRS option as all of them can play very important role for the Revival of BSNL. If all the options are accepted, it will become very difficult to maintain the External Plant and OFC routes after 31.01.2020:

Lot of queries are coming requesting for withdrawal of VRS options. They can represent to the competent authority, ie. appointing authority. Assn also will try for that as about 40% of the Executives opted in excess of the anticipated number.

Meeting with Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL on 06.12.2019:

On 06.12.2019 we met CMD/BSNL along with AIBSNLEA and discussed about DE to DGM(T) promotion:

Before opening that subject, we demanded immediate promotions to all the grades considering the post VRS scenario. Because of large scale VRS, lot of vacuum created in many places which is to be filled immediately. Since Executives are already working in higher scales, just by re-designation, promotions can be effected.

We demanded that only regular promotion is to be issued in the future, no look after arrangement. By LA arrangement, management getting the work done but the Executives are losing its promotion and service also.

Regarding DGM promotion, CMD told that due to the new hurdle created by SEWA and some Executives in the Parliamentary Committee, promotions could not be issued without their clearance. After 15 days, he will try to convince the Secretary/DoT and the Chairman in this regard. Last Friday, 29.11.19, CMD assured us to speak to Secretary after 05.12.19 but today CMD talking about the meeting after 15 days. This delay tactics is going on for the last two months. In categorical terms we told CMD that the file for DPC conduction was pending with him for 15 days and if it was cleared in time, the promotion orders could have issued 10 days back. All the DPC work completed and VC was ready but approval not given. So blaming the SEWA and other Executives repeatedly and putting the entire blame on the Executives is not correct. Management is to be blamed, not the Executives. It is clear that Management is intentionally delaying all the promotions till the implementation of the restructuring plan.

We came out of the meeting as it is clear that CMD is not at all interested to give any promotion and simply telling excuses one after other. Last few months, he was giving false hope to us in each meeting.

We are afraid that the new CMD is trying to demoralise the remaining staff by denying the legitimate promotions to make the company further sick and create a situation conducive for privatization. The success of BSNL VRS, option of more than 50% of the employees, is in fact the failure of the BSNL management and a clear indication that the Executives lost faith in the present management. Nobody is having any clue how to run the company, post VRS.


 Disctrict conference of SNEA NZB was grandly conducted at Nizamabad Town on 29.11.2019. Com.Krishnamurthy DS addressed and presented his report. Com.Jaganmohan Reddy, CP Com.Ramesh, CS Com. Srinivas, CWC member attended and elaborated on all the current issues of VRS, BSNL revival, and future of young comrades.


District body

1) District President:- Com.Sandeep Kumar Rathi

2) Vice President:- Com.Jagaram (DE-Armoor)

3) District Secretary:- Com. M.Prabhakar

4) Ads 1 :- Com. P.Edveer

5) Ads 2 :- Com. Rakesh Goud

6) District Treasurer:- Com.Anand,

7) Organising Secretary:- Com.Rajendar Executive


officer bearers

1) Com.Narendar (Sde-OP)

2) Com.Mahesh (Jto-Dichpally Groups)

3) Com.Lingamurthy (Jto STR KMD)

4) Com.Vijay (FM) Auditor:- Com. Sudeep.


The body was elected unanimously.


Vote of thanks was proposed byCom. Satyanarayana Swamy ACS.Congratulations to Prabhakar and team

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Discussion on Post VRS scenario by CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries on 26-11-2019 at SNEA Office, Eastern court, Delhi.

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CHQ Office Bearers and Circle Secretaries meet on 25-11-2019 at Hotel Regent, Karolbagh, Delhi.


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During CHQ OBs and CSs meeting held at New Delhi on 25.11.2019, lot of queries came regarding VRS.

1) Mass to far off Circles after VRS implementation: It is only a rumour created by some vested interests to create panic among the Executives. There is no such proposal or even thinking about mass transfer within the top BSNL management. There will be routine transfer as usual as per the transfer policy. It is assured by Director(HR) in the meeting with us yesterday also.

Large number of Officers submitted option due to the panic created in the name of mass transfers, work load etc. All of them can continue in BSNL and play very important role for the Revival of BSNL.

2) Threat of age reduction to 58, Govt thinking on retirement on 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs: Considering the good response on VRS, it is very unlikely that age reduction will be implemented. Being an unpopular measure, it was not even mentioned in the Cabinet briefing by the Hon Minister. The rumour of retirement on 33 yrs of service or 60 yrs also repeatedly denied by the Govt. Two days back in the Parliament also Govt denied it.  

3) There are very good prospects for BSNL Revival. In the Revival package, there is a provision to allot 5G spectrum also in the future as done in the case of 4G which ensures continuing Govt support for the future.

4) Future road map for the BSNL revival. Now management started seriously working out on the subject and taking feedback from the Associations.

5) Majority of the labour involving work will be outsourced. Executives are to monitor the work. Work culture and working atmosphere will definitely improve.

6) Clarifications sought on Pension Revision, Pay Revision etc: BSNL mgt and DoT assured the clarification by Monday but not issued so far. Officers are to watch and take a final decision based on the developments.

Considering the above facts, the Officers applied for VRS can reconsider their decision, especially those having more service left. Let us take part in the challenging job of Revival of BSNL.



AUAB had a meeting with Director(HR) on 26.11.2019 on BSNL Restructuring and Revival related issues. Meeting will continue tomorrow, 27.11.2019 also.  



Director(HR) invited SNEA for discussion on the implementation of the new non-post based promotion policy approved by the BSNL Board on 28.05.2018. PGM (Pers), GM (SR) and CGM/MH Circle present during discussions. We had elaborate discussion on the matter for more than 2 hrs. The discussion will continue after 03.12.2019, after the VRS window is closed. For facilitating the discussion, as per the opinion of the CHQ OBs and CSs reached at New Delhi for participating the Hunger Fast, SNEA decided to defer the agitation programme from tomorrow, 26.11.2019 for the time being.



GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: Management will be squarely responsible for the industrial unrest it is deliberately creating by stopping all the promotions and shutting doors for dialogue. Non post based promotion with parity cannot be delayed on flimsy grounds as more than 5,000 Executives taking VRS will miss their promotion before retirement and much more number of young Executives whose career growth is fully depend upon it. These Executives are going to play crucial role in the Revival of BSNL. Professional approach is required, not bureaucratic approach.

The delay tactics of the management may aggravate the situation and the Association is compelled to go for RELAY HUNGER FAST from 26.11.2019 onwards followed by INDEFINITE HUNGER FAST. We cannot be a simple spectator when about 5,000 Executives are retiring on a single day without getting their due promotion. Similarly for thousands of other Executives continuing in the BSNL who are demoralised and dejected due to the treatment given to them.

GS letter to CMD, BSNL




GS writes to Shri P K Purwar, CMD/BSNL: BSNL management has to persuade the meritorious people to withdraw their VRS option. Most of them submitted option due to the panic created in the name of massive transfers, work load etc. All of them can play very important role for the Revival of BSNL. Management should not become an arm of the Govt to downsize the company by any means and sell it/disinvest it, instead of Reviving BSNL. Any delay in Revival of BSNL will be naturally termed as a failure of the management.

Large number of outstanding Officers given option for VRS as they are frustrated over the panic created in the organization and finding no road map for future revival.

Post reduction will happen across BSNL, not in a particular Circle alone. It will be more in Northern and Eastern Circles due to large scale closure of landlines. Shortage will be there everywhere, each and every Circle. Massive transfer is just a rumour. There is every possibility for BSNL revival, for a bright future for BSNL and 3rd PRC also. It is always better to take some challenges in our life and now we got an opportunity. Executives submitted VRS should reconsider their decision on the basis of factual position, not by rumours. 

GS letter to CMD, BSNL


Struggle is inevitable as management is not showing any inclination in giving promotion. Negativity gripping the top management. No professionalism visible.

Seniors will retire without promotion and the youngsters are to rotten as JTO or SDE, the post they are holding today. Restructuring and reduction of posts is going on in war footing, the only agenda, but there is no thinking in the management how the Executives will get promotions in the future.

When it comes to the question of salary /benefits, BSNL should perform like a PSU (profit oriented) but for promotions, it should be like a Govt dept following hierarchy and pyramid structure. Is pyramid structure available in BSNL now? Whether management can implement it by huge rect in the future? Mgt is still harping on decade old theory abandoned by the CPSUs and management experts long back. This shows that our top management is not at all professional in its approach, still in the DoT mind set.

The file for DGM promotion is shuttling between CMD, DIR(HR), PGM(Pers) and Pers Section for no reason where the vacancies are more and eligible DEs are less. Management is not ready for an element of risk but the employees are to take all types of risks.

No urgency or need for the management as all the work is getting done through LA arrangement and will continue to do so unless we protest. The message is very clear. The Executives are happy with this arrangement?

Gear up for protecting our rights, join the struggle from 26.11.2019 onwards.



Future Road Map for maintenance activities and restructuring in post VRS scenario --- Meeting with BSNL Management on 26.11.2019.

The suggestions of the members from SSAs are to be collected and consolidated by the CSs and email to CHQ by this week end. External Plant and OFC route maintenance are tough jobs requires feedback from those working in those areas. CSs may interact with all the Dist Secs and activists on this issue. All the activists are requested to contribute.